Alpina Huus
Exploring Performance and Domestic Space.

Initiated in March 2015 at the Schinkel Pavillon in Berlin, Alpina Huus is a performance-led project and research collective dedicated to investigate the relationship between performance and domestic space. Whether in painting, literature, or philosophy, the house is often used as a metaphor for the human figure, and alludes to the many analogies between the house, the body and psyche. In a domestic space, each room covers a specific typology, from the living room and kitchen to the bathroom and bedroom, to which human behaviour adapts or resists. Alpina Huus proposes performances that further explore ideas around community practice, and offers an understanding of the domestic environment as a stage where meaningful artistic conversations can and do take place. Among an audience that never knows what is to be considered as staged or not, the difference between a spectacle and the typical course of an art gathering is blurred, pushing the limits of, and sometimes overlapping, private and public spheres.
As a non-for-profit, itinerant collective with varying members, Alpina Huus has authored many performances, conferences and exhibitions Europewide, including at the Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin; Istituto Svizzero di Roma; Motto Berlin; Bâtiment D’art Contemporain (Le Commun) Geneva; DAMA, Turin; and Arsenic, Contemporary Performing Arts Center, Lausanne. Currently Alpina Huus is Hugo Canoilas (PT), Christopher Füllemann (CH/BE), Tarren Johnson (US/DE), Elise Lammer (CH), Alizee Lennox (FR/DE), Sarah Margnetti (CH/BE), Julie Monot (CH), Lucien Monot (CH), Jessy Razafimandimby (CH), Mia Sanchez (CH), Niels Trannois (FR/CH).

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Still from Theodora or The Progress
The collective Alpina Huus was shortlisted for the Swiss Performance Art Award 2021
28, 29 August 2021
Lokremise, St Gall